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Terms and Conditions

  1. Application should be made off through a prescribed form along with 03 copies passport size color photograph both for applicant & nominee. Online application service is also available through www.rpclbd.com
  2. Booking will be confirmed or application would be accepted upon getting the booking money in the Organization’s account only.
  3. In terms of Installment purchase down payment should be made off within 01 month of booking.
  4. In terms of One Time purchase the client will get 01 month time from the date of booking to make final payment.
  5. The Organization will issue a consent letter/allotment letter to the Client after getting of booking money & down payment only.
  6. The Organization will provide a Deed of Agreement on Stamp to the Client after getting of 30% payment only.
  7. Saf-Kobla/Registered Deed would be formed upon receiving of full payment only.
  8. In all cases payment should be made off by Cheque/D.D/T.T/Online, Cash transaction always be discouraged.
  9. That 3% (monthly) charge shall be payable for delaying in payment of installment for more than 30 days from the due date (as shown in the installment schedule). The Land Developer/ First Party may cancel the plot for delaying in payment for more than 90 days, serving 3 (Three) notices within 45 day. After cancellation of plot for payment default, booking/reservation money to be non refundable.
  10. If the client surrender/cancel the allotment, refund of the amount if any, to be made by the Organization to the Client as per following manner:-
    1. Cancellation within 03 month , making the booking money will be deducted .
    2. Cancellation within 03 months-10% of deposited amount to be deducted along with documentation charge,
    3. Cancellation within 01 year-15% of deposited amount to be deducted along with documentation charge,
    4. Cancellation within 02 years-10% of deposited amount to be deducted, no additional charge.
    5. Cancellation after 03 years-only documentation charge to be deducted
    6. In all above cases payment would be made off by the Organization to the Client within 180 to 360 days of receiving a written cancellation notice/surrender’s application by the Client to the Organization.
  11. The size of the plot(s) may vary, on final measurement at the time of handing over the physical possession to the Client, in case of such variation in measurement, the Client shall pay for increased area of land at original contracted rate and in case of decreases, proportionate refund will be made at original contracted rate or cost to the Client from the amount deposited against the plot.
  12. The Client shall bear all expenses in connection with the execution of the letter of conveyance for transfer of the plot in his/her/their favor, such as, registration expenditures (Non Judicial Stamp Duties, Gain tax, Registration fees, VAT, etc.) or any other charges, fees, duties that may be incurred in connection therewith and all incidental costs thereto and consequential thereupon.
  13. The Organization reserves the right to change/modify/alter the layout plan in the greater interest of the project. In such situation if the plot of the Client is dislocated, the Organization will reallocate a plot keeping in view the size and location of the previous one.
  14. That in case the project or any part of the project is abandoned due to any unavoidable reasons, circumstances of act of Allah and the Organization fails to deliver the allotted plot to the Client, an alternative plot in any other place with another set of terms and conditions, as decided by the Organization will be offered to the Client. If the newly proposed/offered plot is not acceptable to the Client, the Organization will refund the full amount paid by the Client within 360 days of the declaration of abandonment.
  15. Before obtaining the REGISTERED SALE DEED from the FIRST PARTY, in case of changing plot ownership, plot location, the SECOND PARTY shall have to pay Tk. 35,000.00 (Thirty fiveThousand) only per katha to the FIRST PARTY . But in case of spouse, parents or children) the SECOND PARTY shall have to pay Tk. 15,000.00 (Fifteen Thousand) only per katha. Only in case of death of the SECOND PARTY, the nominee(s) will automatically get the allotted plot in his/her/their name or according to the part transfer policy and the nominee(s) will bear all the cost related to it.
  16. Serial no16:- After obtaining the REGISTERED SALE DEED from the FIRST PARTY, the SECOND PARTY may sell, mortgage, transfer or dispose the plot or any part thereof with intimation to the FIRST PARTY. For such an act, the SECOND PARTY shall have to pay Tk. 50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand) only per katha to the FIRST PARTY .Incase of spouse, parents or children, the SECOND PARTY shall have to pay Tk. 25,000.00 (Twenty five Thousand) only per katha and the SECOND PARTY shall have to pay the further registration cost. Only In case of death of the SECOND PARTY, the nominee(s) will automatically get the allotted plot in his/her/their name or according to the part transfer policy and the nominee(s) will bear all the cost related to it. This clause is applicable till the final allotment and handover of the plot in the name of the SECOND PARTY.
  17. The site in charge of the Organization should be intimated in advance about the intention of the Client regarding any kind of construction, its nature and possible date of commencement thereof. The Client will show his/her/their allotment letter, all kinds of payment receipts, possession certificate, registration deed, approved plan to the site-in - charge on demand.
  18. The Client shall follow rules, regulations and practices of Concern Authority as well as the Organization in the construction of his/her house. He/she will be responsible for the consequences if any arising out of his/her failure to follow or in any manner of violation of rules of the Concern Authority as well as the Organization. The Client shall not disturb or create any obstruction to the network of Utility Services of the project by his or her act of any unlawful/irresponsible behavior or by unauthorized construction. However, if it is deemed explicit, for the use and purpose the Organization may permit a temporary work shed simply during the time of construction of planned building, which may likely to be sub-standard construction, in the project. The bending, hammering or cutting of M.S Rods etc. under any circumstances shall not be carried out on the roads, nor should it be used for mixing of concrete of any other construction activities. Storing of construction materials shall not be allowed on the road. No Road of earth cutting is allowable outside the boundary of Client. If the Client needs to use the nearby vacant plot temporarily for storing purposes during the time of construction of his/her house, he/she can only do so with the prior written permission of the owner of the neighboring plot. The Client shall not in any manner use or carry out any job in any part of land of the project which does not belong to his/her without prior permission of Redeem Purbachal City Ltd.
  19. The Client will erect the Boundary walls demarcating his/her/their plot immediately after receipt of the possession certificate with the final measurement clearly indicates therein.
  20. The Client will upkeep and maintain cleanliness in and around his/her house. Garbage should be disposed of in designated place and within the specified time to prevent condition, which may cause health hazard in the neighborhood.
  21. The Client shall not do or organize or promote any such act, which may be termed as 'Anti-Social', or public nuisance and will lower & disgrace the sanctity of the community living in the Project.
  22. The network for supply of water, electricity and gas line will be installed after total development of the particular block of the project and the said utility services will be available to the Client after completion of the network of the block subject to the payment of all costs and incidental charges for utility connection from adjacent road to plot by the Client.
  23. That for the purpose of effective and efficient management, security & maintenance of the project and the common facilities & privileges provided therein, the Organization & The Client shall jointly form & constitute a co-operative society under Co- operative Societies Act and all the owners of plots shall compulsorily become members of the society. The co-operative Society so formed and constituted shall be entitled with the risk of management, security and maintenance of the project. The Client should pay that at the time of handing over of the possession a sum of Tk. 20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand) only per Katha to the welfare fund of the project. The fund will finally be transferred to the Co-operative Society of the said land project approved under the Co-operative Societies Act and by the Organization.
  24. The Organization is strictly committed by this clause to hand over the said plot to the Client by 2025 If by reasons of natural calamities, political disorder or for reason beyond the control of the Organization, it is not possible to hand-over the possession within the schedule time then the time for handing over of possession should be extended according to mutual understanding of both parties otherwise, the Client reserve (s) the rights to claim for reasonable compensation.
  25. On receipt of full payment (excluding the land filling cost and utility connection cost at your plot as well as registration related costs etc), the Organization will register Scheduled land by ’0’ cost in the name of the Client as security. In case, the plot thus allotted to the Client does not match the particulars as mentioned therein, then before handing over the plot to the Client (for a different location), the Organization will arrange a transfer deed specifying the actual final block, road, similar plot size and location. This will also include cancellation of the earlier registration and making a new registration bearing cost by the Organization and the Client will accept accordingly.
  26. That if in future, any defect or incorrect description is detected in the above; the Organization shall have the right to rectify the same in mutual discussion with the Client.
  27. The parties shall try to solve their disputes or any other matters if arises amicably by a Board of two arbitrators under the Arbitration Act, 2001.

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It is being built in a very large area. I hope something very good will happen in future and a very good environment will be created. Considering the price and location, Redeem Purbachal city is going to be the next choice for middle-income class people.

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I liked the location of Redeem Purbachal City. I think it will be the best investment considering the present and the future. My dream residential area. From my point of view, the speciality of this project is its location. Because it is so close to Dhaka

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A RAJUK aligned land development company in Purbachal City. You should definitely buy land from them if you want land in affordable price, easy EMI & in convenient location. Anyone can buy desired size plots from here. A good choice for middle class family.

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