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Lands for Duplex House

Lands for Duplex House Near Purbachal, Dhaka

Are you envisioning a life of elegance, comfort, and modern living? Look no further than Redeem Purbachal City Ltd, one of Dhaka's premier land developer companies. We proudly present prime lands for duplex houses near the coveted Purbachal area in Dhaka. Contact our experienced team today to explore our available lands and start turning your dreams into a concrete reality.

Why Choose Our Lands near Purbachal?

Choosing our lands near Purbachal offers you an unparalleled opportunity to create the perfect living space that aligns with your aspirations and desires.

Here's why RPCL stands out as the ideal choice for your dream duplex house:


Situated near the flourishing Purbachal area, our lands provide proximity to key amenities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options, making your daily life convenient and hassle-free.

Breathtaking Views

Embrace the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Our lands offer captivating views that create a serene atmosphere, allowing you to relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home.


RPCL is known for its dedication to infrastructure development. Our lands are well-connected with roads, electricity, water supply, and essential utilities, ensuring you have a seamless living experience from day one.

Peaceful Living

Escape the urban chaos and enjoy a tranquil lifestyle. Our lands near Purbachal offer a peaceful retreat while keeping you close to the heart of Dhaka.


Your duplex house deserves to be as unique as your personality. With our well-located lands, you have the freedom to design and build your dream home, tailored to your preferences and needs.

Three Katha Plots

Available Residential Plots For Sale Near Purbachal

Explore a diverse range of residential plots near Purbachal, Bangladesh, courtesy of Redeem Purbachal City Ltd. Positioned strategically within thriving growth areas, these plots present an outstanding investment prospect.

Our available residential plots are:

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Zinda Park

Nearby Amenities

Redeem Purbachal City Ltd. presents an array of plot dimensions, perfectly attuned to diverse duplex houses. Start your journey to discover nearby pivotal facilities that await your choice.

Explore the nearby amenities:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose lands near Purbachal for a duplex house?

Lands near Purbachal offer a strategic blend of convenience and serenity. They provide proximity to essential amenities while allowing residents to enjoy a tranquil living environment away from the urban hustle.

How does Redeem Purbachal City Ltd. ensure infrastructure excellence?

The company's commitment to quality infrastructure development ensures that the lands near Purbachal come equipped with well-constructed roads, reliable water supply, electricity connections, and other crucial utilities, ensuring a seamless living experience.

What amenities are available in the vicinity of these lands?

The lands near Purbachal are strategically located in proximity to key amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational facilities, ensuring a convenient and comfortable lifestyle.

Are these lands a good long-term investment?

Yes, investing in lands near Purbachal is considered a prudent choice for long-term growth. The area's development potential and increasing demand make it an excellent investment opportunity with the potential for substantial returns.

How can I get started with acquiring a plot near Purbachal?

To begin your journey towards owning a duplex house near Purbachal, simply contact the experienced team at Redeem Purbachal City Ltd. They will guide you through available land options, assist in discussing your vision, and support you throughout the process.

How do I ensure a peaceful living environment in the vicinity of Purbachal?

The lands near Purbachal provide a serene environment away from the urban chaos, ensuring a peaceful living environment. You can enjoy the tranquility while remaining well-connected to the heart of Dhaka.

Read What Our Customers Say

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  • 5 Stars

It is being built in a very large area. I hope something very good will happen in future and a very good environment will be created. Considering the price and location, Redeem Purbachal city is going to be the next choice for middle-income class people.

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  • 5 Stars

I liked the location of Redeem Purbachal City. I think it will be the best investment considering the present and the future. My dream residential area. From my point of view, the speciality of this project is its location. Because it is so close to Dhaka

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  • 5 Stars

A RAJUK aligned land development company in Purbachal City. You should definitely buy land from them if you want land in affordable price, easy EMI & in convenient location. Anyone can buy desired size plots from here. A good choice for middle class family.

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