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Detailed Area Plan – DAP Map of Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and the center point of most organizations and businesses. More than 1.5 crore people live in the city. This city has become uninhabitable due to unplanned urbanization and population density. RAJUK developed a DAP map to solve the problem.

Detailed area plan of Dhaka devoted to decentralizing the capital city of Bangladesh. This plan encloses the door of opportunities for each. The business and socio-economic growth will be leveraged with this DAP map.

DAP Map of Dhaka City in Brief

DAP is a city planning initiative that was introduced in Dhaka in the early nineties. The original concept will provide superior blueprints for something like the metropolis and will structure it from downtown Dhaka.

DAP's current plan spans the years 2016 through 2035. This current development plan is covering the trading area of Narayanganj, Old Dhaka, and Keraniganj.

Why Detailed Area Plan is Important?

Detailed Area Plan
  • DAP mapping is structural planning for impacted development in the specified area.
  • Most of the industrial areas are situated around Dhaka. It is already transforming Dhaka city into an uninhabitable place. That's why this decentralization is a necessity for our capital.
  • This detailed area plan plays an important role in distressing the economical dependency focused on central Dhaka.
  • This plan includes urbanization by considering civic amenities, fundamental rights, and other subsidies for sustainable and peaceful living.
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DAP Map Over Dhaka City

Impact of DAP Map Over Dhaka City

This comprehensive plan has both negative and positive impacts on environmental and economic well-being. However, the development authority tries to keep it balanced and effective. The landowners are somewhat influenced to sacrifice their lands as per planning. In other words, they lose their independent decision-making power for construction.

The pre-approved projects and under-construction plans are out of this updated area planning. The price of plots and flats is rapidly rising in the DAP area. Because of the sound structural growth in the future. Make sure to book your plot in the best project before the price increases further.

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“Detailed Area plan of Dhaka city will improve the infrastructure, environment, living trends, and much more! A planned urbanization creates a roadmap to step forward and think better for living.”

The Best Plan for Civic Life

The Best Plan for Civic Life

RAJUK developed a DAP map that comes up with significant goals and objectives. This plan is focused on creating sustainable socio-economic growth across untouched areas aside from Dhaka. The metropolitan development fundamentals such as flood flow protection systems, planned drainage, electricity, and water supply will be ensured properly.

Redeem Purbachal City is a remarkable project which is developed to maintain DAP mapping and regulations. Leaving the crowded city environment, and in search of peace, the demand for land or apartment is rising.

Get a comfortable life and give the next generation a great place to live with updated culture.

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