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Rajuk Office in Purbachal

Redeem Purbachal City is one of the leading land developers in Purbachal. A variety of contemporary living amenities including schools, hospitals, five-star hotels, mosques, playgrounds, and green areas, are included in the Redeem master plan. But when you build any construction in Purbachal you need Rajuk's approval. There is a Rajuk office in Redeem Purbachal City so you don't need to go outside from land project. Rajuk Office is only (9.1 km) and 10 minutes of driving distance from our land projects! Call us at 01750-098971 or contact us online to find out more about us. Our skilled staff will get in touch with you right away.

Plot Near Rajuk Office

How Buying A Plot Near the Rajuk Office Will Benefit You?

Rajuk is a key player in the sustainable planning, management, and urbanization of the Dhaka metropolitan area and gives his approval to building designs. There are a lot of factors you need to think about. Your structure needs a master plan which needs to be approved by Rajuk. Approving your residence and the commercial plan is a lengthy process and also traveling to the nearest office is a time-consuming task. Redeem Purbachal City has a Rajuk office so you don’t have to other areas for approval. Our roads are well-planned and spacious enough. You can reach to Rajuk office very quickly. The inspection process will go smoothly as well since Rajuk's office is in your area.

Why Redeem Purbachal City in Dhaka Stands Out the Most?

Plots for both residential and commercial use are offered by Redeem Purbchal City in Purbachal. Every modern amenity is offered in our project. We offer roads with plot sizes of 3, 5, 6, and 10 Kathas that are carefully placed (60, 40, 30, and 25 feet). If you purchase plots from us, you will benefit in a variety of ways such as-

Well-Designed Lands and Plots in Purbachal city

Well-Designed Lands and Plots

We strictly follow Rajuk’s plan and build according to that. To fulfill residential needs in Redeem Purbachal City we offer commercial plots for grocery shops, shopping complexes, restaurants, and many more facilities. For recreation purposes, we have a gymnasium, park, arcade, playground, big field, and many more. Here, there is much wild flora and a nice setting.

Well Planned Residential In Area Purbachal City

Convenient Location in Dhaka City

Redeem Purbachal City's biggest feature is that it takes 20 minutes to get to "300 Feet" (Kuril Fly-Over). The drive to the airport takes 25 minutes. All of the significant locations in Dhaka city are connected to our area. You don't need to worry about flooding because roads and land are distant from the flood flow zone.

CCTV Camera for Purbachal City Security

Safe and Dependable Security System

When it comes to security, Redeem Purbachal City left no stone unturned. We provide the most advanced CCTV cameras on the roads. When any chaos or unpredicted occurrence happens, police and RAB will take very quick and efficient action to bring back the peace. We also have a RAB office in your area, so you don’t have to worry about security.

Depend on the Best Land Developer in Purbachal Dhaka

Redeem Purbachal City makes it easier to invest in a land project because of its simple terms and rules. We provide low costs and payment plans, so you don't have to worry about money. We rapidly turn over the plot. Book one of our plots to live a calm and serene life. Call us at 01750-098971 or contact us online here.

Read What Our Customers Say

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  • 5 Stars

It is being built in a very large area. I hope something very good will happen in future and a very good environment will be created. Considering the price and location, Redeem Purbachal city is going to be the next choice for middle-income class people.

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I liked the location of Redeem Purbachal City. I think it will be the best investment considering the present and the future. My dream residential area. From my point of view, the speciality of this project is its location. Because it is so close to Dhaka

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  • 5 Stars

A RAJUK aligned land development company in Purbachal City. You should definitely buy land from them if you want land in affordable price, easy EMI & in convenient location. Anyone can buy desired size plots from here. A good choice for middle class family.

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