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Zinda Park Near Redeem Purbachal City Dhaka

Zinda Park

Who doesn't occasionally desire to get away from the bustle of the city? We assume everyone does. The ideal place to get away from the crowds in the city is in a rural village with a beautiful landscape. But is there something like that close to the Capital City? We would say there is. Allow me to introduce Zinda Park to you.

In reality, Zinda Park is a sizable resort with all the amenities you might find in a distant Bangladeshi village. The best thing about this place is that it is only 18 km outside of Dhaka City. Therefore, it is only a 1-hour drive from Dhaka. Due to its proximity to Dhaka, it's also favored as a picnic location. The park offers a number of bungalows for the comfort of visitors and picnickers.

You will be amazed to know that you can buy a flat near this place at an affordable price. Yes, that is right! Redeem Purbachal City offers the best lands and plots in Purbachal. Zinda Park is only (4 km) 5 minutes driving distance from Redeem Purbachal City's land projects! Our goal is to offer sustainable living right in the middle of future Dhaka. Our aim is also to actively encourage people to lead lives that are centered on nature in order to improve their quality of life . Call us at 01844 141381 to know more about us.

How Zinda Park Started Its Journey?

Zinda Park's Started Journey

The originator, Tobarok Hossain Kusom, and his 4 schoolmates made a creative effort with the Zinda Park proposition in an effort to make their village an example for other villages to follow. These five legends established the "Augnibina Students Forum," now known as the "Orgopathik Palli Samity," with the intention of bringing modern amenities to the villages and enhancing their quality of life.

The association began its journey in 1980 with a small deposit and a sizable family of around 5,000 members. After that, with assistance from the villagers and local people, they gradually constructed the park and the related infrastructure over a period of 33 years.

What You Will See in Zinda Park?

Zinda Parks Overview

A sizable park with a big area of 150 acres covered in native vegetation, flora, and animals, Zinda Park is located in Purbachal, Dhaka. More than 10,000 trees of 250 different plant and tree types can be found there. With five natural lakes, a school, a mosque, rural homes, and other amenities, this location is essentially a fully functioning rural community.

Additionally, there are many playgrounds and amusement centers across the area for both children and adults. Approximately 4,000 people are presently working at the park. You are also going to find excellent food options here. In addition, Zinda Park is a great location for picnics for family gatherings, business events, student outings, joy trips, etc.

So, if your children aren't receiving sufficient exposure to nature in Dhaka City, take them there to see mother Bangladesh's untainted natural beauty.

Why Should You Consider Redeem Purbachal City

Why Should You Choose the Redeem Purbachal City?

The below features may encourage you to choose Redeem Purbachal City:

  • Gives you peace of mind
  • You will be able to live in a planned living area
  • Provides you with a safe and secure environment
  • You will be able to select a contemporary home
  • You will get the best living standards
  • You can live a comfortable life

Count on the Top Land Developer in Purbachal

Due to its easy rules and regulations, Redeem Purbachal City makes it simpler to invest in a land project. Security is one of our main concerns. That is why the RAB Office is just 9.6 km away from our city. So, you don’t need to worry about security.

With Zinda Park just 4 km away, you will get both security and amusement at the same time. Contact us online or call us at 01844 141381 to book our appointments.

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It is being built in a very large area. I hope something very good will happen in future and a very good environment will be created. Considering the price and location, Redeem Purbachal city is going to be the next choice for middle-income class people.

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I liked the location of Redeem Purbachal City. I think it will be the best investment considering the present and the future. My dream residential area. From my point of view, the speciality of this project is its location. Because it is so close to Dhaka

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A RAJUK aligned land development company in Purbachal City. You should definitely buy land from them if you want land in affordable price, easy EMI & in convenient location. Anyone can buy desired size plots from here. A good choice for middle class family.

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