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Property Registration Taxes & Fees in Bangladesh

When it comes to property transactions in Bangladesh, understanding the various taxes and fees involved is crucial. Whether you're buying, selling, or transferring property, being informed about property registration taxes & fees in Bangladesh is essential to avoid unexpected costs and legal issues. In this blog, we'll describe Property Registration Taxes & Fees in Bangladesh.

Types of Property Registration Taxes & Fees in Bangladesh

Property Registration Taxes & Fees in Bangladesh, each serving a specific purpose in the real estate market and revenue collection. Understanding these different types of property taxes is essential for anyone involved in property transactions. Below, we'll explore the main categories of property taxes in Bangladesh:

Registration Taxes in Real Estate Market

Registration Tax

The registration tax, a singular charge incurred during property registration, is contingent upon the property's assessed value and is subject to geographical variability. Generally, registration tax rates hover between 1% and 2% of the property's assessed value, varying by location.

Stamp Duty Fees

Stamp duty is applicable when executing legal documents related to property transactions, such as sale deeds, gift deeds, or lease agreements. According to the stamp duty rates, the tax is due on the entire transactional amount. Stamp duty rates vary depending on the type of transaction and the property's location. It can range from 2% to 15%.

Transfer Tax

The transfer tax is imposed when ownership of a property is transferred from one person or entity to another. It covers regular property sales as well as gift transfers. Typically, 1% of the property's assessed value is used as the transfer tax rate.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

VAT for property purchases varies by size and price. For flats under 1600 square feet, it's 2% of the deed value, while larger apartments charge 4.5%. When buying land, VAT is generally not applicable unless a developer or real estate company is involved, in which case it's 2-3%

Extra Loan Fees

The interest rate on a property, often referred to as the extra loan charge, can vary between properties, typically ranging from 5% to 6% of the property's value.

Insurance Fees for Property Registration

Insurance Fees

It's advisable to consider insurance when investing in a property in Bangladesh. Typically, there are three insurance options available: replacement insurance, extended replacement insurance, and actual cash value.

Mutation Fees

When there is a change in ownership, a mutation fee is assessed for amending property records with the local authorities. It is paid to ensure that the government's land records accurately reflect the current property owner. Mutation fees are relatively nominal, often amounting to a few hundred Bangladeshi Taka.

Property Registration Process in Bangladesh

Property registration is a vital step in property transactions in Bangladesh. The property deed, proof of ownership for each party, and payment records for property taxes and fees are all necessary documents that must be submitted in order to register a property. The local registration authority is responsible for monitoring the registration procedure.

  • Understanding Property Registration
  • Required Documents (Deed of the Property, Identification of Parties, Tax Payment Proof)
  • Registration Authority
  • Application Submission
  • Document Verification
  • Assessment of Property Value
  • Payment of Fees and Taxes
  • Signatures and Witnesses
  • Registration Certificate
  • Record Update

Recent Changes in Property Taxation in Bangladesh

Property taxation changes in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, property taxation is not static; it evolves over time. Staying updated on these recent changes is vital. Here are some key developments:

  • Digital Tax Payment: The government has introduced online platforms for property tax payments, making them more convenient and efficient.
  • Stamp Duty Revisions: Stamp duty rates have been revised to align more closely with property values, impacting property transactions.
  • Capital Gains Tax: Discussions on introducing a capital gains tax for property sales are ongoing, potentially affecting profits.
  • Tax Incentives: Tax incentives in specific sectors, like real estate, are introduced to stimulate investment and economic growth.
  • Emphasis on Compliance: Stricter enforcement of tax payment deadlines and penalties highlights the importance of compliance.
  • Transaction Implications: Recent changes affect the overall cost and profitability of property transactions.

Tips for Reducing Property Tax Burden

Property ownership in Bangladesh comes with its share of financial responsibilities, including property taxes. Discover legitimate strategies to lower your property tax bills while staying compliant with the law. Explore these effective tips for reducing property tax expenses:

  • Choose the Right Property
  • Negotiate with Sellers
  • Explore Tax Exemptions
  • Invest in Development
  • Regular Property Assessments
  • Consult a Tax Advisor
  • Stay Informed About Policy Changes
  • Keep Impeccable Records
  • Plan for the Future
Property Tax Calculation in Bangladesh

Calculation of Property Taxes

Property taxes are determined based on the property's assessed value and government-set tax rates. Keep in mind that tax calculations can change due to rate or policy revisions.

Valuation of property is essential to determine the tax liability accurately. Contact Redeem Purbachal City to stay informed about these changes and regularly reviewing your property tax assessment is essential to ensure accurate and fair taxation.


Understanding Property Registration Taxes & Fees in Bangladesh is essential for anyone involved in property transactions. By following legal requirements and staying informed about recent changes, you can ensure a smooth and cost-effective property transaction process.

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