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Investing in Land or Flat Which One Is The Best Option in Dhaka

When it comes to investing in a property, most people think of investing their money in an apartment. On the other hand it may be more financially secure to invest in a plot, rather than investing in an apartment.

To buy an independent land or a flat gives someone the freedom to build a home according to their own way, needs and restrictions. On the other hand, an apartment is a rebuilt, multi-floored building. The buyer of the flat is restricted to alter the size and shape of the site of the construction.

The thinking of investment in properties varies from man to man. The advantage, opportunity, benifits and the guaranteed returns is unquestionably a land, because of the security of investment.

Flats are comparatively easy to purchase, and since an investor may borrow the money against the fund, the return procedure is very excellent. In the process of buying a flat, the developer or builder delaying the total possession is a significant worry.

Opportunity and Drawbacks of Investing

Opportunity and Drawbacks of Investing in Land or Flat in Dhaka

Buying an apartment is not simillar to buying land. Although both of the property classes are very lucrative and demandable in nature, there are some pros and cons in the two types of property purchase in Dhaka. Here are some key features of investing in a plot or land, which could help to make a final decision.

Benefits of Buying a Land

Benefits of Buying a Land in Dhaka

  • Land is a finite wealth, so the demand for land is always high.
  • The value of land is always increasing.
  • Investing in land always provides a massive income through renting or leasing it out.
  • Risk free Investment.
Benefits of Buying a Flat

Benefits of investing in a flat in Dhaka

  • Flats are comparatively easier and cheaper than land.
  • The value of flat rises faster than land.
  • Flats can be sold and rented easily.
  • Maintaining it is easy comparatively.


To purchage a plot of land always gives one the freedom to shape and develop an infrastructure according to one’s own way, preference and unique requirements. An apartment, on the other hand, is the construction which is pre-designed. There is the limited scope for customisation as the needs of buyers.

Appreciation in value

Nowadays land appreciates better than the flat or apartments. The initial cause for this, is the availability of land is very limited and the supply of it cannot be increased as per the demands and the requirements of the compettitive market. The value of a plot or land is always increased, not decreased. On the other hand, the apartments are quite the opposite.

Delivery and transfer of possession

Delivery and the transfer of ownership of a flat may take some months or even years to go through. In the case of lands, they are always ready for possession. That is why a buyer who is always looking to invest in a plot of land will get its possession earlier than that of an apartment.

Compromise in quality

Quality is the crucial part in the context of investing in property. There may be some delays in the construction of flats, due to several reasons. This late, in turn, may force the developer to complete their projects very quickly. The inability to meet deadlines, due to the time-crunch and the cost-cutting, negatively affects the quality of the apartments.

Standard of living

To own a land or plot is the symbol of luxury. A piece of land has no constraints. The construction on this land can be built to accommodate a huge amount of clients, that is depending on the size of the family and of its requirements. On the other hand, owning an independent house can be said to improve the standard of living of someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Land or Plot is very expensive to buy, on the other hand flats can be bought on EMIs.
It varies from man to man. If you have limited funds but want to enter the real estate market to reap returns, flats offer the best opportunities for investors.

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