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Dhaka International Trade Fair

The New Era of Dhaka International Trade Fair

Bangladeshi people love going to fairs and the Dhaka International Trade Fair(DITF) has become a must-see thing for everyone in winter. Companies, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs from within and outside of the nation come here together to showcase their distinctive products. Now as the DITF is being held in Bangabandhu Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Centre in Purbachal, it has many more new things to offer than the previous ones. The location might be a prominent reason for distinction. Let us dive into more.


Journey of The Dhaka Trade Fair

The DITF has been going on for decades in the capital Dhaka. It started in 1995 and has been held at Sher-E-Bangla Nagar in Dhaka on the west side of the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre. Being one of the most prominent trade fairs in the country, It again started off after the Covid-19 pandemic hiatus. In a new venue near the capital at Bangabandhu Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Centre, it took off as a new journey for the DITF.

For decades the DITF has been an occasion of anticipation of the mass people and an opportunity to grab the customers' attention to the latest products and policies for the business people inside and outside the nation.

The Uniqueness of The Fair

As being held in the new premise in Purbachal, the DITF has started its journey in a new way. From the location and new ways of the transaction to the route of transport, DITF has exposure to many new dimensions.

Getting Settled in At the New Location

After some initial issues, the Dhaka International Trade Fair has settled down in Purbachal. Setting the venue near the project for the newly expanded capital which is Purbachal, has broadened the outlook for the fair and the people visiting it. This is probably the most vital change in resuming the trade fair after the pandemic.

Purbachal is the next big project happening near Dhaka with the view of expanding the capital and lessening the load of the population and creating new economical and commercial support. Having a new venue for DITF in Purbachal lets people explore the venue and surrounding area.

Having all the necessities of a cozy living place and many significant commercial and financial buildings to be established in Purbachal, makes it a perfect choice for the next residential and commercial site. This area has it all: schools, colleges, mosques, hospitals, and surroundings of greenery alongside the Sheikh Hasina Cricket Stadium. Redeem Purbachal City Ltd has well-structured and well-planned lands and plots near Purbachal New Town to avail you of all these facilities and more. Contact Redeem Purbachal for a smooth and convenient experience of land purchasing near Purbachal.

Stalls at Fair

A Great Number of Stalls

The DITF has always had a large number of mini-stalls, premium stalls, mini-pavilions, and mega-pavilions. But moving to the new venue, the number of stalls and their variants have extended. There has been a significant increase in local, and foreign stores and also many mini and mega pavilions. Many tech-infused stalls and big brands have attracted a mass audience’s attraction with their multi-storied pavilions, unique products, and marketing.

Also after moving to the new location, a large number of foreign countries have been showing interest in taking part in the fair. A lot of attention has been drawn to their unique products and stalls. Loads of stalls have been Instagram-worthy decorated to suit the venue and the taste of people.

Cashless Transactions in The Spotlight

The cashless transaction has gained a lot of attention in the new DITF. bKash provided a quick payback of 50% on entry tickets, bus tickets, and parking tickets. To make things more convenient, people could also avail of discounts and payback using their cards or mobile financial system platforms like bKash when purchasing any goods from stalls. This has made payment much more efficient and smooth for all.

New Transport Route

The Dhaka International Trade Fair has now shifted to Purbachal and has made a chance for the spectators to view and enjoy rides to a new route. If you take the Kuril Bishwa Road route for the fair venue, you can hop on to the numerous BRTC buses employed by the government at very minimum fare. You can enjoy the side scenery and undergo development projects of 300 ft and Purbachal. The relocation of the fair from Agargaon to Purbachal has also made it more accessible to inhabitants of nearby districts such as Narayanganj and Gazipur. The vehicle parking facility will also satisfy you as it can consist of more than 1000 cars.

Nearby Amenities
Trademark Trade Fair Things

Trademark Trade Fair Things

While there are many unique things about the new trade fair, some things remain as trademarks. From the 'Ruti maker' stalls, which promise convenience by churning out rutis quickly, to the pickle stalls, which offer over 40 varieties to sample, there is something to satisfy your senses. You will have your fair share of experience with typical 'Buy one oven and get 10 items free' deals.

As for keeping the practice of local food stores of DITF, you can find it in the new trade fair too. But beware of the high price and food quality. It’s better to go for instant noodles unless you are way too hungry.

Things to Excite You

In our busy and hectic life, we all seek some pleasure. What can be better if visiting your favorite fair and enjoying an alluring landscape can be done at the same time? Well, you certainly can.

The new Dhaka International Trade Fair is located in Purbachal, a place full of opportunities. Being the biggest plan of RAJUK, the development of the place is massive.

While visiting the trade fair you can go and take a look around Purbachal and nearby areas. Taking a boat ride in the Balu river may please your mind. The rural landscape of the surrounding areas of the fair is sure to capture your heart. Various visitor attractions like ‘Purbachal Blue Lake’ have been made in 300ft and adjoining areas.

While visiting the surrounding areas of the trade fair, you might think of settling there. It would be very nice to be able to live in such a soothing and well-facilitated place of the future in Purbachal or near it. Redeem Purbachal City Ltd can make that dream come true. Established in 2012, Redeem is committed to providing you with land and plots near Purbachal(only 9.2km away from the trade fair) to give you a comfortable and stress-free life. Get in touch with Redeem to make your dream of a home come true.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dhaka International Trade Fair changed its location to Purbachal at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in 2022.
It is located in Rupganj Thana of Narayangonj district and Kaliganj Thana of Gazipur district on the northern-eastern side of Dhaka between the Shitalakhya and the Balu River. It is 16 KM away from the zero point of Dhaka.
Visitors from Dhaka can take the Kuril Biswa Road route to the fair venue. A large number of BRTC buses are employed by the government only to take visitors to the fair.

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