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An Ideal Use of 3 Katha Land in Dhaka Bangladesh

An Ideal Use of 3 Katha Land in Dhaka

With the passage of time, people have increased in the capital city of Dhaka. The pressure on Dhaka to accommodate this huge population has become difficult day by day. Unplanned industrialization and Economic activity has continued to put pressure on Dhaka's housing. At the same time, the approach towards Dhaka is also one of the reasons.

We have not been able to link proper housing planning with our industrialization-economy-trade activities. Earlier there was no connection between building regulations and physical planning with population density and provision of civic amenities.

In order to ensure the ideal use of land in order to build a livable Dhaka metropolis for the next generation, Dhaka has been divided into six regions, connecting lakes, canals and rivers, establishing communication channels, and reducing rainwater flooding, recreational parks, etc. If this plan of Rajuk is implemented, the proper use of the land will be ensured and Dhaka will get some relief.

Different Uses of 3 Katha Land in Dhaka

Land is the most important natural resource. It is part and parcel of our living system.So proper management of land is very crucial in the prospect of development. Here we discuss ideal uses of 3 katha land.

Residential Plot in Dhaka

Residential Plot in Dhaka

Generally land is used in Dhaka as an apartment or for housing purposes. However, there are many types of resources and density are permitted to be built, along with low-density homes, small or medium-density houses, and high-raising houses, such as multi-story buildings. A mixed-use of apartments or building type also exists, which includes agricultural, residential, SME , and recreational applications.

Commercial Plots in Purbachal

Commercial Plots in Purbachal

Warehouses, retail stalls, departmental stores, hotels, and corporate office buildings are elegent examples of business commercial land use. Economical zoning regulations regulate different kinds of activities a business firm can do and the varities of businesses that are permitted in a decent area. There are several restrictions that must be followed, such as the supply of parking, the maximum building height, the setback, and so on.

For Small and Medium Industries


Ensuring proper utilization of land is very important. If you have land in Dhaka, you can utilize this land in various ways. You have to decide at the beginning whether you are going to use it for commercial or residential purposes. You can use your small three katha land for small and medium industries and get commercial benefits from it.

Focus on Greenery


If you are a beauty lover then you can use this land for greening. It is difficult to see a bit of greenery in this brick and stone Dhaka these days. Apart from ensuring the ideal use of our land, we also have to focus on greening, only then Dhaka will become a livable city.

Facilities of Owning A Plot or A Land in Dhaka

The capital Dhaka is a city of endless possibilities. This city has shown the way to Bangladesh for thousands of years. In the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Dhaka housed nearly two million people and accounted for nearly one-third of Bangladesh's GDP.

Facilities of Owning A Plot in Dhaka

If you have 3 acres of land in the capital Dhaka, you can benefit financially and socially by ensuring proper use of that land. By using this land properly, you can use the income from it to improve your standard of living. The facilities of 3 khata land in Dhaka are as follows:

  • Creates Economic Value.
  • Source of Income.
  • Enhance Social Recognition.
  • Generate Revenue.
  • Many More.

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